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You Can Now Watch Live Music Concerts on Twitch in Amazon Music

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Amazon just made it easier for musicians to reach a larger audience when streaming a live concert. Musicians can now connect their Twitch profile to their artist page on Amazon Music, which will let fans watch livestreams on the music streaming service instead of switching over to (or having to download) Twitch’s app.

Livestreams have become the de facto way for musicians to connect with their audience, and for people to enjoy live music while the pandemic has halted annual music tours. Twitch has seen an uptick in popularity of music streams over the past six months, and now with this integration, hopefully even more people will be able to enjoy shows (or even discussions or behind-the-scenes events) directly from their favorite artists.

Once an artist or band sets up their Twitch channel and connects it to their artist profile page, all live streams will be visible on their artist page and a notification will alert followers of the stream. Amazon Music will also have a “Live” page within the service where users can browse live shows currently airing.

Although Amazon Music is one of the smaller music streaming services, this integration is a powerful feature that isn’t really seen elsewhere. Some of the service’s competitors boast music video integration, podcasts, audiobooks, and other features, but having a feature that lets fans watch live shows in real time will give Amazon Music a leg up for the future.

Source: Amazon via The Verge

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