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TCL Reveals Future Tech Including a Paper-Like Display and Movie Screen Glasses

A mockup of a NXTPAPER display, showing a bright screen in bright sunlight.

TCL might be best-known for its affordable TVs, but the company has been branching out, as evidenced by its new smartphone. Now the company is showing off some upcoming tech it’s working on, including a paper-like screen for readers that can display movies, a pair of movie-screen glasses, and a waterfall smartphone.

An Alternative to E INK

The new display tech, dubbed NXTPAPER, is similar to E Ink in that it should be easier on the eyes and suitable for e-readers. The company calls it a “combination of screen and paper.” TCL says the tech will be 36 percent thinner than typical LCD while offering higher contrast than LCD or E INK and feature a highly reflective display to “reuse natural light” and forgo backlighting.

Skipping the backlight means power savings, but NXTPAPER isn’t for your smartphone. TCL says it will go in e-readers and tablets, and should show up in a product “in the near future.” NXTPAPER promises to reduce flicker, blue light, and light output, but retain the capability to display Full HD video with smooth playback, unlike E Ink.

Movies on Your Face

Speaking of video, TCL’s other wild product is a new version of its Project Archery wearable. Project Archery looks like a set of sunglasses at first glance, but they’re smart glasses for movie watching. Each lens contains an OLED screen, and when you wear them, you’ll feel like you’re watching a film in a movie theater.

The latest prototype is lighter and sleeker than previous iterations, and can almost pass as sunglasses. TCL says its working on an update to allow people who usually wear glasses to use them without the need for contacts or wearing glasses under the wearable.

Waterfall Smartphones are Coming

A smartphone with a screen that curves nearly to the back of the phone.

Finally, TCL has a minor update on its smartphone ambitions. The company showed off a new waterfall smartphone prototype. Waterfall displays are quickly becoming a thing (unfortunately), and we’ve already seen some full releases, including the Motorola Edge.
TCL showed off a few images of its latest iteration, and you can see the display wrap partially to the backside of the device. TCL says the tech is coming to a phone sometime in the future, but it didn’t give a concrete timeline.

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