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Google Will Verify Calls So You Can Answer Your Phone Again

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Getting phone calls has turned into a modern-day scourage of scams and spam. If a call comes in and it’s not in your contact list, the easiest (and perhaps wisest) thing to do is ignore it. But that’s not always a great option—what if you’re expecting a delivery or interview request? Google wants to help by verifying callers.

While carriers like T-Mobile are working on technology to catch spoofed numbers, Google’s effort goes a different route. It’s working with businesses to verify calls.

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The business will submit its phone number to Google and even provide a reason for calling. When the business calls you, you’ll see the business name, the reason for calling, and a verified logo from Google. The company must authenticate with Google to benefit.

It’s a sound idea that hopefully will prevent you from missing important calls from businesses you do need to hear from, while still ignoring the rest of the calls that are probably spam. You’ll need an Android phone with Google’s Phone dialer app.

Many Android phones come preloaded with the app, and the company is releasing the app as a standalone dialer later this week so more users can download it.

Source: Google

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