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Holiday 2020: The 9 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

tomtoc Switch Case

The Nintendo Switch has become the favorite console of many gamers, and if you have a Switch owner in your life, you’ve probably picked that up by now. And as with most tech, a few accessories go a long towards making it more enjoyable to use. So if you want to help out the Switch owners around you, here are some great Nintendo Switch gifts to consider.

Note: These accessories were selected with the full-size Switch in mind, not the smaller Switch Lite. As such, accessories on this list like carrying cases, docks, grips, and screen protectors will not work with the Switch Lite. We also have a roundup of accessories for the Switch Lite.

A Quality Controller: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

While Joy-Cons make for serviceable controllers, many players still prefer a traditional controller. And when it comes to it, there’s nothing better for the Switch than the Pro Controller. Design-wise, it’s similar to controllers like the Xbox One’s, but a combination of the premium build-quality and abundance of features makes this controller worth its price. This controller features gyro controls, wireless connectivity, HD rumble, and a battery life of 40 hours to top it all off. You can also scan amiibo with it by tapping them on the Nintendo Switch logo.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the Pro Controller, then PowerA’s Enhanced controller is a great option. It’s also a wireless controller, and while it lacks rumble, it still features gyro controls and also some “advanced gaming buttons” on the rear of the controller that can be reprogrammed.

A Retro Controller: 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+

8Bitdo SN30 Pro+

Here’s another high-quality controller but this time aimed more so at retro gamers. There’s plenty of legacy content on the Switch, and the SN30 Pro+ can tackle it all with grace, while also performing well in modern titles. The D-pad centric design is ideal for 2D games, and the shape of the controller itself is modeled after the SNES controller. It also features 20 hours of battery life, rumble, gyro, and connects wirelessly to the console.

The SN30 Pro+ is highly customizable through 8Bitdo’s “Ultimate” software. Here you can adjust joystick sensitivity, rumble intensity, and even remap buttons. Overall, it’s a great controller and comes in three colors: black, “G Classic” Edition (based on the Super Famicom), and the “SN” Edition (based on the SNES, pictured above).

A Mighty Dock: Skywin Switch Dock

Skywin Switch Dock

Most Switch owners are naturally going to build up a collection of controllers and games for their system. They need a place to store all of that, and it should all be kept close to where the Switch is for convenience sake—and Skywin has the solution. This towering dock lets you place the normal Switch dock inside of it and acts as a great storage solution for game cases, cartridges, and controllers—it can even serve as a controller charger.

A Lowkey Dock: J&TOP Portable Switch Dock

J&TOP Portable Switch Dock

Once the Switch dock is set up, you’re not going to want to move it around every time you want to play it on a different TV—that’s just annoying. That’s why this small dock from J&TOP is so great— it’s small, does everything the normal Switch dock does, including a USB-C port for charging and HDMI out. Its small size makes it ideal for being moved around or taken on the go. This is also great for setting the Switch up in a bedroom or home office.

The J&TOP Portable Dock comes in black (pictured above), purple, and green.

Get a Grip: JETech Protective Case

JETech Protective Case

The Switch can get uncomfortable in portable mode after a while, so getting a grip to make things more ergonomic is a good idea. This simple grip from JETech only has two goals: protect the switch from bumps and provide a more comfortable shape to hold. It comes in four colors: black (pictured above), blue, green, and plum.

Get a Grip

Keep It Secure: tomtoc Carry Case

tomtoc Carry Case

Getting a carrying case for the Switch is extremely important for on-the-go players, and tomtoc’s case balances size, storage, and durability exceptionally well. The case has a hard outer shell that helps protect the system from drops and spills. It’s barely thicker than the Switch itself, and even has storage inside for 10 game cartridges. It’s a quality case and an excellent travel companion for any Switch owner.

The tomtoc Carry Case is available in 11 colors: black, blue, camouflage, coral, galaxy, gray (pictured above), green, mint blue, pink, red, and twisted orange.

Protect the Screen: ivoler Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

ivoler Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Scratching the screen of an expensive device like the Switch is never a good feeling, so getting some screen protectors is a must for any Switch owner. This three-pack of screen protectors from ivoler should last for a while, and because they’re made of tempered glass they won’t interfere with using the touchscreen. It even comes with a handy microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen.

Protect the Screen

More Storage: SanDisk MicroSD Cards

SanDisk 256 GB MicroSD Card

When it comes to downloading games on a Switch, you can hit that 32 GB limit pretty quickly. A memory card is a necessity for those who buy their games digitally, and SanDisk’s microSD cards are both high quality and come in many capacities ranging from 16 GB to 512 GB.

Keep It Running: Anker PowerCore 10000

Anker PowerCore 10000

For Switch players, battery life is a precious commodity—especially if it’s not one of the newer models with improved battery life. As such, a battery pack is a useful thing to have around, and it needs to be one of a decent size to feed the Switch. Not only is Anker known for its high-quality battery banks, but the PowerCore’s 10,000 mAh capacity means it can charge a Switch from 0 to 100 percent and then some. Considering its compact nature as well, it’s great for sticking in a bag while you’re on the move.

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