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PS5 Preorders Are Sold Out, Here’s How to Get Notified When They’re Available

A photo of the PS5 with a big SOLD OUT sticker.
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Preorders for the PS5 begin today, September 17th. But most outlets, including GameStop and Amazon, are already sold out of PS5 preorders. Here’s how to get notified when PS5 preorders are back in stock.

Websites With In-Stock Notifications

  • Sony: Register on Sony’s website for a chance to preorder the PS5. According to Sony, preorder reservations are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so you should try to reserve your console ASAP.
  • Amazon (PS5/Digital Edition): Press the “email me” button on the right side of the Amazon website to receive an email when PS5 preorders are back in stock.
  • Walmart (Discless Edition Unavailable): Press the “get in-stock alert” button to receive an email when PS5 preorders are back in stock.
  • Slickdeals: If you feel like putting in a bit of extra work, you could set up a Slickdeals account and program the website to send you notifications when PS5 preorders go on sale.

Are you desperate for a PS5 preorder? Then maybe you should check websites manually. The following retailers are popular enough to receive more PS5 stock from Sony, and they offer neat financing deals that could help you justify the $400 to $500 price tag.

Websites That Are Worth Checking Manually

  • Best Buy: Don’t have $500 to drop on the PS5? Best Buy is offering special financing offers to customers with a Best Buy card, although the website can’t alert you when preorders are back in stock.
  • GameStop: GameStop offers financing for the PS5 and sells preorder bundles that include extra games and controllers. It’s a shame that the website can’t email you when preorders are back in stock!
  • Target: Desperate for a PS5 preorder? Target won’t notify you when preorders are back in stock, but you can refresh the website manually!

Restocks could happen at any time, and they’re almost guaranteed to sell out within an hour of going online. So set up your notifications now, and take a few minutes each day to manually check retailers’ websites.

Of course, stock for next-gen consoles is limited due to COVID-19. Retailers may never restock PS5 preorders—a reality that you should prepare for if you’re a day-one warrior. You may need to buy the console in-store on its November 12th launch day, or pony up to buy it from a scalper on eBay.

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