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Wyze’s Video Doorbell is Only $30; Thermostat and ANC Headphones Coming Soon

A Wyze video doorbell mounted to a white home.

Wyze, makers of some of our favorite smart home products from the Wyze Outdoor Cam to the Wyze Plugs and Sensors, is back with new products. Today it unveiled full details for a $30 Wired Video Doorbell, along with initial details for a Smart Thermostat and a set of Active Noise Canceling Headphones.

A Truly Affordable Video Doorbell

A Wyze video doorbell next to a white chime.

When we said Wyze is poised to rule the smart home; we called out a video doorbell as a missing component to that end game. Now the Wyze Video Doorbell is here, and it’s far less expensive than we could have predicted. The 1080p Video Doorbell comes in at just $30, although you’ll need working doorbell wiring to install it in your home.

You get a surprisingly full set of features for your money, including a chime to plug into a nearby outlet. The video doorbell records in a 3:4 aspect ratio, so you don’t deal with headless videos; after all, people are taller than wide.

The doorbell also has microphones and speakers for two-way audio, so you can talk with visitors even when you aren’t home. You get night vision too, of course, and the Wyze Vidoe Doorbell will shine a bright LED when someone approaches, which adds to security.

Like most doorbells, you’ll get alerts when the doorbell notices motion, even if no one rings the doorbell. And you get 14 days of rolling cloud storage for free. If you subscribe to Cam Plus, you’ll get person-detection and full-length motion recording.

If you have other Wyze products like the company’s smart bulbs, you can tie them together to turn on lights or perform other actions when someone approaches or rings the doorbell.
Wyze says you can pair the bulb with an unlimited number of chimes, though the company didn’t announce chime pricing yet.

You can preorder the Wyze Video Doorbell today at Wyze’s site for $30.

A Smart Thermostat That Plans to Learn

A Wyze Thermostat showing the heating system on

If heating and cooling are more your thing, then the WyzeThermostat is just the ticket. With the smart thermostat, you can create schedules to automatically turn up or down the A/C and heating throughout the day. If you forgot to adjust the temperature before getting into bed, you can remotely control the thermostat through the Wyze app.

And don’t worry if you forgot to turn things down before you left; the Wyze Thermostat can sense when you aren’t home and adjust accordingly. Wyze says it plans to add learning features down the road so the Wyze can make decisions based on the changes you make.

Wyze didn’t announce pricing today, but it plans to open up preorders for its smart thermostat on October 6.

ANC Headphones With Alexa Onboard

A set of Wyze ANC Headphones

The last new product from Wyze doesn’t quite fit into its usual smart home ambitions, but it’s exciting none the less. The Wyze Headphones will give you Active Noise Canceling (ANC) in a wireless format thanks to Bluetooth 5.0.

38mm TPU Composite diaphragm drivers power these cans, along with a range of frequencies up to 30kHz, so they should sound good even when the world is noise around you. Wyze plans to update its app with an equalizer so you can adjust the sound to get to perfect preference, whether you’re listening to classical music or ear-shattering death metal.

Wyze also built Alexa into the headphones, so you can control your smart home or set reminders without touching your phone. If you prefer a different voice assistant, you can access it from your phone through the headphones.

While the company didn’t announce pricing today, it plans to open preorders for Wyze headphones on September 29.

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