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‘Left 4 Dead 2’ Community Builds the Game’s First Expansion in 9 Years

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Remember Left 4 Dead? Remember Left 4 Dead 2, which was basically the same four-player kill-the-zombies/eat-the-humans setup, but with refinements and features that made the original obsolete? Fans do, because they’ve spent years updating the game themselves. “The Last Stand” is an expansion for Left 4 Dead 2, community-created and free to download, that’s come out 9 years after the game’s last official content update (also community-made).

Despite not actually making this stuff themselves, L4D creator Valve is publishing the update officially, meaning that everyone who owns Left 4 Dead 2 will get it as a free update to the main game. It’s available for download now.

The Last Stand includes a new campaign based on the original game’s primary mode, with no less than 26 new maps to fight through, four new scavenging areas, new guns (borrowed from Counter-Strike) and melee weapons, and tons and tons of adjustments and bug fixes.

To celebrate this add-on, Valve has made Left 4 Dead 2 free to play for all Steam users this weekend, and the game is on sale for just two bucks.

Source: L4D via Engadget

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