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‘Smash Bros.’ Continues to Build Its Crossover Castle with ‘Minecraft’ Fighters

Steve from Minecraft

Almost two years after its release on the Switch, Smash Bros. Ultimate is still adding new fighters on a regular basis. The next to come to the massive roster (number 77, if you’re counting) is Steve from the smash-hit building game Minecraft. Steve, along with skins for Alex, a zombie, and the Enderman (an extra-spooky zombie) are coming as DLC.

The ultra-blocky characters are replicated in Smash Bros, with moves that emulate their signature basic animations and voxel tools and weapons. There will also be a Minecraft-themed fighting stage, with variable terrain and destructible elements.

It’s hard to tell who’s benefitting the most from this partnership. While Nintendo has been more than happy to bring in characters from other companies’ rosters, like Pac-Man, Sonic, Hero from Dragon Warrior, and Bayonetta, Minecraft is actually a much bigger game than Smash Bros. in terms of sales. It’s sold 200 million copies since its initial release in 2011, more than double the sales of every Smash Bros. game combined.

The Minecraft characters are technically the second crossover between Nintendo and Microsoft, after Banjo and Kazooie. Both Minecraft developer Mojang and Banjo-Kazooie owner Rare are Microsoft subsidiaries. It’s also interesting to note that Minecraft, which uses a simple style of visuals and animation deliberately evoking nostalgic graphics, is now being featured in a fighting game that’s basically one giant nostalgia party.

The Minecraft characters are part of the Fighter Pass Volume 2, a $30 add-on for the base game. They’ll also be available as a $6 stand-alone option. They should be going live in the game in a few weeks.

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