‘Hello Kitty’ and Tamagotchi Team Up for a Retro Accessory That’s Cute as Apple Pie

A photo of the new Hello Kitty Tamagotchi in white and red.
Bandai America/Sanrio

I know what I’m giving everyone for Christmas! Bandai America is teaming up with Sanrio to produce a Hello Kitty Tamagotchi. The retro toy lets you raise a Tamagotchi (or look cool) with the help of Hello Kitty. For just $20, the Hello Kitty makes for a fantastic retro accessory or Christmas gift.

The Hello Kitty Tamagotchi follows the format of classic Tamagotchi toys—with a twist. Tamagotchi now eats milk and apple pie (Hello Kitty’s favorites) and plays exclusive piano and balloon mini-games. Joey occasionally comes to make a mess of your Tamagotchi’s space, and you have the chance to choose from seven surprise characters after raising your Tamagotchi properly.

Even if you aren’t a dedicated Tamagotchi player, the Hello Kitty Tamagotchi is a fantastically cute accessory. It comes in white and strawberry colors, and (like all Tamagotchi) has a keychain attachment for your bag or key ring.

Preorders for the Hello Kitty Tamagotchi begin today. Grab one now for $20 at Amazon to get it December 1st—just in time for Christmas. Bandai will sell its new Tamagotchi at Target and other retail locations early next year.

Preorder the 'Hello Kitty' Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi Hello Kitty (42891)

Keep your Tamagotchi happy with a little help from Hello Kitty! The 'Hello Kitty' Tamagotchi comes in two colors and makes a perfect retro-inspired accessory.

Source: Bandai America

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