This Gorgeous LEGO Version of Bilbo’s Hobbit Hole Might Come to Store Shelves

LEGO Bag End
saabfan/LEGO Ideas

We’ve covered LEGO Ideas before: It’s a system that lets independent LEGO creators submit their designs to LEGO and fans vote. If a design gets more than 10,000 votes, LEGO will consider making it into a retail set. The latest creation to pass that threshold is Bag End, Bilbo’s idyllic Shire home from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

The set is designed by “saabfan,” and it’s gorgeous. It uses a base designed to look like an open copy of the book, complete with Tolkien quote in the corner. Bilbo’s home includes iconic elements from the books and movies, which you can inspect thanks to a removable roof. Rooms include a kitchen, pantry, living room with hearth, bedroom, an a wash room. Both the exterior and interior are overflowing with little organic details.

LEGO Bag End
saabfan/LEGO Ideas

Just making it to 10,000 votes doesn’t guarantee a set will be selected by LEGO. But the company has a strong relationship with Warner Bros., already partnering up for both LEGO sets and video games based on Lord of the Rings (among many others). If you’re impatient for the 1-to-2 year process of getting a set from Ideas to store shelves, you can check out an animated 3D version of LEGO Bag End here.

Source: LEGO Ideas via TheBrickFan

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