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The Caves & Cliffs Update in ‘Minecraft’ Promises Awesome Adventures

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Over the weekend, popular video game Minecraft held a live event announcing a large and exciting update, called The Caves & Cliffs Update. As its name suggests, caves will be the next biome receiving a major overhaul, and the cliffs update (technically it’s the mountain biome update), which won last year’s Minecraft Live biome vote, will be included as well.

The Caves & Cliffs Update

Improved cave generation will ensure that every single cave doesn’t look the same. Players will be able to explore narrow tunnels and huge caverns with lakes and waterfalls. Two new cave types—Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves—bring new elements to underground exploration. Lush Caves feature new plant life, like Dripleaf Plants and Glowberries, and a new neutral mob: axolotls. Dripstone Caves will feature stalagmites and stalactites. You’ll also be able to find amethyst geode crystals if you’re lucky!

Mountain goats will appear atop mountain biomes, jumping and climbing. And if you go mining, you’ll also see copper ore, which is great for roofs and will oxidize and turn green over time just like the real thing. And if you end up near bedrock, watch out! New Sculk sensor blocks can sense vibrations, as can the new mob that lurks near them: the Warden. This mob is blind, but can sense vibrations and is not afraid to chase you down.

A new archeology system will allow players to find ancient artifacts in buried ruins. You’ll have to be careful (and craft a new tool, the brush) delicately uncovering these items, because if they break, they’re gone forever! A few other fun additions rounded out the update as well, like lightning rods to prevent lightning strikes from burning down your wood-roofed house, telescopes for faraway scouting, and bundles for carrying a lot of stuff at once.

Mob Vote Results

Throughout the Minecraft Live event, fans had the opportunity to vote for a new mob to be added to the game. Choices feel between an adorable yellow cow-like Moobloom, a glow squid, and an Iceologer that throws frozen clouds at you. The squid was ultimately victorious. The squid, as of now at least, is just a visually-appealing neutral mob.

Creator Tech & Minecraft: Education Edition

Tons of new tech and tools aimed at creators are headed for the Minecraft Marketplace. New blocks, custom items, and tools will allow creators to affect gameplay in RPG and even create fun new parkour maps.

Students and teachers using Minecraft: Education Edition will soon have a free new map to play, based on the teachings of U.S. Congressman John Lewis. This version of the game is also hosting the Minecraft Education Global Build Championship, an international design competition. Interested students, in teams of 1-3, can sign up here.

Minecraft Dungeons Future DLC

Minecraft‘s popular spin-off game, Minecraft Dungeons, is also getting an update with new DLC and cross-play support across PCs, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The action-packed dungeon crawler game focuses on combat and looting against the game’s many hostile mobs (and then some). Dungeons is also getting a new area added to the game. The Howling Peaks, which arrives in December.

You can purchase your own copy of Minecraft to play on a computer, on your iOS or Android devices, on all major gaming consoles, and even for the Oculus and Amazon devices. The game has impressive cross-platform compatibility, so you can easily play on your computer while your friend plays on their console.

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