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DoNotPay’s New Email Service Will Get You the Refunds You Deserve

An email client, promising to save money.

DoNotPay, the robot lawyer famous for getting you out of parking tickets, is back with a new service. And this time, DoNotPay wants to scan your emails to save you money. It’ll help you unsubscribe from costly services in one click, or join class action suits against spammers—all without changing your current email address.

To use DoNotPay’s email service, you’ll need to sign up for a DoNotPay email address. Once you do that, you’ll forward all your current email to the new DoNotPay email service. It’ll scan your emails for opportunities to find you money.

An offer to cancel a Netflix subscription.

If you get an email about a subscription service you’re paying for, you’ll get a prompt asking if you want to unsubscribe. Have you been meaning to do that but never get around to it for months? DoNotPay promises to get it done in one click, saving you money for the future.

When you decide to keep a subscription, DoNotPay’s email will pay attention. Before you’re due to get charged again, it’ll let you know. Then you can cancel if you changed your mind about staying on with Netflix or Hulu. If you cancel a subscription and get charged anyway, DoNotPay will dispute the charge for you.

An email offer to join a class action lawsuit.

And if you get a spam email, you can let DoNotPay know. It’ll check if there’s a class-action lawsuit against the spammer, and help you join so you can get money for your aggravation. DoNotPay’s email service will work to get you money in other ways too, like requesting refunds for late deliveries or slow airplane wi-fi. And speaking of airplanes, it can automatically check you in for an upcoming flight.

You’ll have to pay for all those benefits, of course. The service charges $15 a year for your custom DoNotPay email and $36 a year for DoNotPay’s subscription service. But that gets access to other DoNotPay features too, like appealing parking tickets. In theory the service should pay for itself.

DoNotPay says it works with every major email provider, and you can use forwarding to take advantage of the service from your phone or tablet app. The service is open starting today, and you can sign up at DoNotPay’s site.

Source: DoNotPlay

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