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The Fitbit Sense’s ECG Scan Feature is Now Live in the US and Europe

Fitbit sense and phone app

The Sense is Fitbit’s newest smartwatch, similar to the Versa line but with an extra suite of sensors. While it was heavily promoted during the launch, the Sense’s ECG scan feature wasn’t actually activated as it passed through medical regulatory approval. After getting through the red tape, ECG scanning is now live for users in the US and Europe.

The Sense uses a series of electrical pulse sensors for the electrocardiograph (ECG or EKG) scan, similar to but less precise than a full-sized medical monitor you’d find in an ambulance or hospital room. In addition to standard pulse and Sp02 sensors, it can detect more immediate heart conditions like atrial fibrillation, a symptom of serious health danger. Because this is a scan that can be directly used for medical information (instead of general “health and wellness”), it has to be tested and approved by the FDA in the US and EMA in the EU before the feature becomes available to users. It’s expected to roll out to more

The Sense is Fitbit’s first device with this capability, though there are a few others on the market, including the Apple Watch since Series 4, Galaxy Watch 3, and Withings Move ECG. Users can access the feature with the latest firmware and app update from Fitbit. Scans take about 30 seconds, and the results are saved in the app where they can be shared with a doctor if necessary.

Fitbit Sense

Source: Android Central

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