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Google Assistant Now Supports Home and Away Routines

Nest Doorbell

Your smart home can do lots of stuff, but it’s mostly dependent upon you to activate them. Not anymore: The Google Home system is rolling out upgrades that let you activate features based on whether or not you’re actually present in your home. The system uses an Android phone’s location (assuming it’s enabled) to determine whether or not anyone’s home.

Alternately, compatible Nest cameras, the Nest Tag, or the presence detector on the Nest thermostat or Yale lock can flip the system into home or away mode. If any of these methods don’t work, you can set the status manually via the Google Home app.

Google suggests pairing the feature with lights that automatically turn off and on when you leave and return. Thermostats can be adjusted to work in more power-efficient ways when no one is home, turning cameras on or off, et cetera. The feature is rolling out in stages now, but may take a week or two to make it to all users. It’ll show up at the top of the Google Home app when it’s ready.

Source: 9to5Google

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