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Nanoleaf’s Lights Get More Shapely With New Triangles and Mini Triangles

Small lit tringles above a TV.

Back in January at CES 2020, Nanoleaf unveiled its latest product, dubbed Shapes. The company, well-known for fantastic looking yet expensive light panels, promised to solve a common complaint: compatibility. Going forward, every new Shape released would work with the ones that came before. It started with Hexagons, and now we have the next two Shapes—Triangles and Mini Triangles.

As promised, both the new Triangles shape and the Mini Triangles shape will work together and with the original Hexagon panels. Each starter kit comes with a plug, but if you link them altogether, you only need one plug, so long as you don’t exceed 21 panels. If you go beyond 21, you’ll need a second plug.

A computer desk with several glowing triangles above it.

Like the Hexagons, the Triangles and Mini Triangles benefit from a newly revamped mounting system. Instead of directly attaching the panel to the wall (as with Nanoleaf Canvas), a mounting plate adheres to the wall, and you can pull the panel off the plate for adjustments. It’s easier to apply and adjust than the original system.

A beside with several small glowing triangles by it.

Nanoleaf will sell the kits in multiple styles. You can buy a starter kit (dubbed a Smarter kit) for the larger Triangles that comes with seven triangles, a plug, mounting plates and tape, a controller, and linker connectors for $199.99.


If you already have a compatible Nanoleaf Shapes system, you can buy the Triangles expansion pack for $59.99. It comes with three triangles, mounting plates and tape, linkers, and a controller.

The Mini Triangles Smarter Kit goes for $119.99 and includes five Mini Triangles, a plug, mounting plates and tape, a controller, and linker connectors. And the Mini Triangles expansion pack, which also costs $119.99, comes with 10 Mini Triangles, mounting plates and tape, a controller, and linkers.

You can buy all the new Shapes, including the Hexagons, at Nanoleaf’s site starting today. We have all three shapes on hand, and you can look forward to a full review in the near future.

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