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You Can’t Play Oculus Go Games on the Oculus Quest 2

A man playing a game on an Oculus Quest 2.

The Oculus Go was a simple little VR headset that toed the line of affordability and practicality. “Was” being the keyword because it’s discontinued. That’s OK though, many of your Go games work on the Oculus Quest, an arguably superior VR headset. Unfortunately, if you upgraded to an Oculus Quest 2, then you’ll lose your Go app and games.

The news comes to us from Oculus’ consulting CTO, John Carmack. When you dig into the app menus on the original Oculus Quest, there’s a dropdown to select Oculus Go games. But users noticed that’s missing on the Quest 2.

As Carmack explains, that’s because the Quest 2 just doesn’t support the feature. He says he “lost that internal debate.” It’s not clear what issues led to the decision, but there are differences between the Oculus Go and the Quest/Quest 2, including the number of cameras and controllers.

Unfortunately, that means if you purchased a few Go games from your original Oculus headset, you’ll need to keep that unit around to play them. If you don’t already have an original Oculus Quest set, you’ll have difficulty finding it. The company stopped making it after announcing the Quest 2. With that change, Oculus Go and its apps are well and truly dead.

via The Verge

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