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You Can Get Yourself a Fancy Roll Up TV from LG for a Wallet-Friendly $87,000

Woman standing next to LG OLED R TV

OLED TVs are slowly but surely coming down in price. They are nowhere near the price of LCD or QLED TVs but the price is coming down. Unless, of course, you want a rollable TV.

Announced back during CES 2019, LG’s rollable OLED R TV is finally going on sale, sort of. As of today, the TV is being made available in South Korea for 100 million won, which equates to roughly $87,000.

The TV is built around a flexible OLED panel that rolls up when not in use. What’s cool about the TV is that it can be rolled up about 10% to act as a smart display of sorts, showing you relevant information such as the weather and your calendar events. The TV can also intelligently roll only a portion of the display when watching TV or movies, adapting to the aspect ratio of what’s being shown.

Customers looking to purchase the TV will have the choice between four color options for the speaker cover and the aluminum body can be engraved if you choose to.

Source: LG via The Verge

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