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Thank God You Can’t Blowup Your iPhone By Double Charging It

What happens if you put your shiny new iPhone on a wireless charging pad and plug it in to charge at the same time? Thanks to one inquisitive journalist, we don’t have to risk getting our faces melted off to find out.

Over at ZDNet, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes answered a question we didn’t even realize we had until we read his article. What would happen if you plugged your iPhone 8 or iPhone X—the first Apple phones to support wireless charging—into a charging cable and placed it on the wireless charging pad at the same time?

The short answer is: nothing—because Apple engineers apparently understand that some people are careless and some people just want to watch the world burn, so they’d better prepare for both.

The long answer is a bit more interesting and involves some careful power measurements, so hit up the link below for the full rundown if you’re curious.

Can you blow up your iPhone x/8 by placing it on a wireless charger pad while it’s charging with a cable? [ZDNet]

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