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Whoops, Philips Hue Accidentally Announced Outdoor Light Strips

Earlier this year, Philips Hue announced a set of outdoor lights. Now, the company accidentally showed off new LightStrip Outdoor models, but you can’t buy them yet.

The new light strips are similar to the existing Hue LightStrip Plus, with a couple key changes. First, the light strip is weather-protected, so it can handle small puddles or water jets. So if you put them in your yard and it rains, your new light strip will be fine. The outdoor model lacks the adhesive strip on the back, instead including clips and screws so you can attach the strip to walls or fences if you need to.

The LightStrip Outdoor was discovered by Homekit News which found a listing on the Netherlands version of Philips Hue’s shop. Currently, it’s not available in any other countries, and even if you’re in the Netherlands, it doesn’t appear to be for sale just yet. Speaking to MacRumors, a Philips Hue rep said that more details about the strip would arrive towards the end of August.

Source: Homekit News via MacRumors

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