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Mophie’s Slide-On Wireless Qi Battery is Like MagSafe for Everyone

Mophie Juice Pack Connect

Modular accessories systems: in the words of Mugatu, they’re so hot right now. Apple’s new MagSafe system on the iPhone 12 makes it magnetically compatible with cases and mounts, and fancy bag vendor Peak Design is working on a similar mounting platform with ceramic hardware. Now Mophie (a subsidiary of Zagg) is releasing its own modular mounting accessories.

The Connect line uses an “anchor” that you stick to either the phone itself or a case, not unlike a Pop Socket. Once installed, you can slide on either a combination finger loop/kickstand or a wireless charging battery. The 5000mAh battery itself can charge a Qi-compatible phone wirelessly, and be recharged itself from a Qi charging pad.

The Connect system is a little tricky: you need a somewhat thin case in order for the battery to charge wirelessly through the adapter, and you have to carefully align it with your phone’s Qi charging pad. It’s possible to use the system with phones that don’t support wireless charging, as the battery has a standard USB-C port…though that’s a lot of trouble to go through to lose out on the signature feature.

Mophie Connect stand

The Juice Pack Connect system is pricey for a small battery at $80, but I can see how the convenience might be worth it for someone who regularly recharges their phone once a day. Presumably Zagg is looking into a wider range of accessories, too, like car and desk mounts. The package is on sale now on the Zagg online store, probably coming to more general retailers soon.

Source: Zagg

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