Microsoft Lobe Lets You Develop App-Ready AI Models for Free


Are you an app developer in need of complicated AI models? Microsoft’s newest tool, called Lobe, lets you train custom AI without writing a lick of code. Lobe is free to use and spits out app-ready machine learning models, although it only generates image classification models at this time.

Ignoring its terrible name, Lobe should encourage developers to integrate image identification, gesture controls, and facial recognition in their apps. Microsoft says that Lobe is already being used to detect harmful plants and send people notifications when they leave their garage door open.

Using Lobe is easy; you just show the app examples of what you want it to learn, and it automatically picks out a machine learning model that’s appropriate for your needs. You can fine-tune the model with a bit of training in the Lobe software and export your AI model to an industry-standard format for your app.

Lobe is available for free on Windows and macOS. At the time of writing, Lobe can only build image classification models, but the tool should identify facial expressions and gestures in the future.

Source: Microsoft via TheNextWeb

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