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Take the Strain Off Your Wrist with Logitech’s New $50 Bluetooth M575 Trackball

Logitech Ergo M575

Trackball users are the perennial also-rans of the PC input world, getting even less respect than those weirdos who like to use touchpads even on the desktop. But Logitech has always had a spot on its lineup for them: formerly occupied by the M570 trackball, now updated with the Ergo M575.

The Ergo M575 mixes features of the older M570 and the newer MX Ergo, which is a member of that very pricey MX line of freakin’ fantastic mice and keyboards. Thankfully, it hangs on to the price tag of the older trackball: just $50 MSRP, probably a bit lower if you wait for a deal.

That fifty bucks gets you a body that’s pretty familiar to users of the old design, with a few more rounded edges. The layout is the same, with two standard mouse buttons, a scroll wheel (sadly lacking the ball bearing fast-scrolling feature) and two easy-to-access back and forward buttons.

Logitech Ergo M575

There are a few improvements under the hood. Wireless is now handled by either the included USB receiver or Bluetooth LE. Logitech says the low-power mode should let it last for two years on one AA battery. The sensor has been upgraded to 2000DPI—not exactly gaming grade, but a big bump over the M570’s 540 DPI. It also comes in grey or white color options, one more choice than the previous model.

Note that the Ergo M575 doesn’t come with the tilted base of the MX Ergo, and it apparently doesn’t work with Logitech’s multi-computer Flow software. It’s on sale on Logitech’s site right now, sure to come to the usual retail suspects soon.

Source: Logitech via Engadget

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