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Baby’s First EV: Hyundai’s Newest Concept Car is For Your Kids

Hyundai 45 mini EV concept next to full-sized 45 car

Let’s face it. Electric cars are still in their infancy. For the most part, gas-powered cars still dominate the road. However, Hyundai is having a little fun with its concept cars. Based on the company’s 45 concept electric vehicle (EV) unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year (pictured above), the 45 mini EV is a literal toy car with a “ridiculously fast” 4.5 mph max speed powered by dual DC motors.

Since it is based on an electric car, Hyundai decided to use sustainable wood instead of the usual plastics found in most toy cars. Hyundai says that the car uses Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EVAC) to boost the range of the car. The company didn’t clarify how EVAC would work, but it did say that the “driver’s laughter is believed to fuel the vehicle to travel further.”

Range anxiety is real here as Hyundai hasn’t formally addressed how far the car can go before needing a recharge. Hopefully, the EVAC system is good enough to keep the fun going until your children get bored of driving. Just like your daily commute.

Unfortunately, the car is still only in the prototyping stages so we might not see it hit showroom floors anytime soon. If and when Hyundai does announce a release date and price, we’ll let you know. As for the full-size Hyundai 45, it’s set to hit production in late 2020.

Via Slash Gear

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