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The Best TV Wall Mounts

You could set your TV on a stand in your living room, but if you want a really clean look with minimal clutter, a wall mount will be even better. These are our favorite wall mounts.

It should go without saying, but if you want to use a wall mount, you’ll need to have the ability (and the legal right) to modify your wall. Most wall mounts tend to involve slightly more modification than, say, hanging a poster. If you’re renting, ask your landlord if you’re allowed to put holes in your wall and studs while mounting a TV. If you own your home… well, you’re good to go.

The Budget Pick: AmazonBasics ($25)

AmazonBasics frequently has just the right accessory to cover the minimum necessary and this is surprisingly no exception. Amazon sells a $25 wall mount that’s perfect if all you care about is putting your TV on your wall. It supports TVs from 37 to 80 inches, and up to 120 pounds. It has an 18 degree tilt range which isn’t the highest we’ve seen, but it’s enough to tweak it a bit if you need to reduce a glare. There are better, more advanced wall mounting kits, but if you just want something cheap and easy, this one is for you.

The Slimmest Profile: OmniMount Low-Profile Mount ($200)

There will always be a little bit of space between your TV and the wall, since you need to plug in cables. However, this mount from OmniMount manages to reduce that space about as low as it can go. With a mere 1.8″ between your TV and the wall, it’s hard to get it closer. It can support TVs up to 80″, so it’ll work for all but the largest displays, while still looking as flush as possible against the wall.

What really sets this mount apart, though, is that unlike other low-profile mounts, you can still get to your cables. The AmazonBasics mount, for example, boasts a similar 1.8″ profile, but when you need to access your cables behind the wall, you can only tilt it a small amount to barely squeeze your hands underneath. The OmniMount features a kickstand that props your TV up much further when you need to get to the wiring, without sacrificing on the design of the mount. It may be expensive, but it’s the best mount if you care about getting the cleanest look.

For Large TVs (and Some Horizontal Tilt): Sanus Advanced Tilt ($130)

Whether you have a bigger TV, or just want to get a bit more movement out of your wall mount, this model from Sanus gives you the bells and whistles. This mount supports TVs up to 90″ and up to 150 pounds, so you can hang even the biggest TVs. You can push it almost as close to the wall as the AmazonBasics wall mount, but when you need to mess around with the cables behind your TV, you can pull it up to nearly 6″ away from the wall. If you find yourself even occasionally fiddling behind the TV, you’ll be glad you have this option.

The mount also uses two arms attached to the back of your TV that can be adjusted independently. This means that, in addition to tilting the TV up or down to avoid glare, you can tilt it a bit to the left or right. How far you can tilt it sideways depends a bit on the kind of mounts your TV supports (if your TV has mounting brackets closer together, you’ll be able to get a more dramatic tilt angle out of it), but it’s a handy feature to have. In my own home, I use this to occasionally tilt the TV towards the kitchen while I’m cooking. You can move the TV by simply pushing on it, so it’s easy to change it up.

For Maximum Flexibility: Mounting Dream Swivel Arm ($37)

If you have a mighty need to point your TV exactly where you want it to go, then this mount from Mounting Dream is for you. It won’t get nearly as close to the wall as some of the other mounts we’ve featured, because it has an extendable arm that can reach out up to 15.2″ away. The swivel arm has an “elbow” that allows you to re-position it at a wide range of angles and positions. You can pull it out to face your TV almost sideways, or collapse the arm to put the TV (nearly) against the wall.

This will probably be overkill for the average user, but it does have some useful purposes. If you’re setting up a conference room and want to set up a display that you can adjust based on where your audience is sitting, or if you have a game room and want a scoreboard that you can put away when you’re done. With a 3″ collapsed profile, it sticks out more than most mounts when put away, but there’s something really cool about pulling your TV away from the wall and pointing it right where you need it.

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