Here’s How to Request a Free PS5 Adapter for Your PSVR Camera

A photo of the PSVR helmet and the PS4 controller.
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PlayStation VR isn’t going anywhere. The low-cost virtual reality hardware works on PS5, so you can continue playing old and new VR titles on your next-gen console. Unfortunately, your PSVR camera can’t plug into the PS5 without an adapter. You can request an adapter for free through Sony’s website.

Requesting an adapter is easy. Just give Sony your PSVR serial number and the company will ship you a dongle for free. The company is (obviously) limiting adapters to one per person, so don’t try anything sneaky! Sony says that adapters should ship in mid-November.

I know what you’re thinking—Sony sells a new PS5 camera, which will surely work with the four-year-old PSVR headset! Nope, the PS5 camera doesn’t work with PSVR, which is why you need to hang on to your PSVR camera and ask Sony for an adapter.

Sony could stop giving away adapters at any time, so grab yours before its too late. If you’re late to the party and can’t get a free adapter from Sony, try shopping for a PS4 AUX to USB-A adapter on eBay or Amazon.

Source: Sony via Input Mag

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