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The Official ‘Mandalorian’ Xbox Controller Will Cost You a Bounty

Mandalorian Xbox One controller

There’s no shortage of special edition of the Xbox One controller. but this one might just tickle your fancy if you’re a fan of the ever-expanding Star Wars universe. to celebrate the show’s second season, The Mandalorian gets a dedicated Xbox controller for fans to play Battlefront, Jedi: Fallen Order, and Squadrons.

The controller and paired charging dock use coloration from the protagonist’s Beskar steel armor, complete with the Mandalorian crest and his personal Mudhorn clan crest. The charger includes a logo with what looks like some Star Wars script writing, which I can’t decipher.  The rear of the controller features a wanted poster for The Child, AKA Baby Yoda.

Mandalorian Xbox One controller rear

It’s just too bad about the price. The controller and charger combo will cost you $170, almost as much as the Xbox Elite controller with its much better materials and customizable doohickeys. It’s not even using the slightly updated design for the Xbox Series X. But no one said it was cheap to be an obsessive Star Wars collector, I suppose.

Mandalorian Xbox One controller charger

The Mandalorian special edition controller and charger is up for pre-order on Microsoft’s official store now. It ships on December 31st, sadly missing the holiday season Life Day.

Source: Microsoft via Engadget

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