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The Best PlayStation 4 Exclusives to Buy Before the PlayStation 5

God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man, and Horizon Zero Dawn with a PS4 sidebar

With the PlayStation 5 right around the corner, we can look forward to plenty of great games. But before that, let’s look back at the PlayStation 4’s library and go over the best PS4 exclusives from the console that you should definitely play—whether it’s on the original hardware or your shiny new PlayStation 5.

Note: Quite a few of these games will be included in the new PlayStation Plus Collection subscription that will available on the PlayStation 5. We’ll note which games will be included in their respective sections.


In this ultra-hard boss rush, you’ll explore the ancient city of Yharnam defeating beasts of every shape and size. This is a FromSoftware game, which you might know for developing the Dark Souls series. If you haven’t played those, this is basically a game about defeating very difficult bosses with a large emphasis on timing your attacks correctly and learning attack patterns.

You’re going to die a lot but as you keep pushing through you’re rewarded with new areas of the map to explore and more story tidbits. The worldbuilding in Bloodborne is quite impressive, so if you love being truly engrossed in a game world you’re sure to enjoy this a lot (assuming you’re okay with the difficulty).

Bloodborne will be available in the PlayStation Plus Collection.

Ratchet and Clank

The original Ratchet and Clank was a beloved 3d platformer from the PlayStation 2, and this modern remake brings the game up to modern visuals, adds-in new content, and also overhauls the story and tone of the original. You can equip a wide variety of different blasters and other weapons to destroy the hordes of enemies while also tackling the game’s platforming challenges.

There is a sequel in the works for the PlayStation 5 called Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart which will be the series first wholly original entry since 2013. Ratchet and Clank will also be available in the PlayStation Plus Collection.

The Last of Us Part I and II


The Last of Us told one of the best stories in gaming back on the PlayStation 3, and now the sequel keeps that reputation with a satisfying and emotional continuation. Part II follows the story of Ellie as she embarks on a quest for revenge in this apocalyptic world. The combat is cinematic and brutal, and you’ll need to traverse various obstacles—both human and otherwise—throughout the game. When it comes to story-based games, the Last of Us series is one of the best around, and definitely deserves to be a part of your PlayStation 4 collection.

The remastered edition of Last of Us Part I will be included in the PlayStation Plus Collection if you haven’t played that yet (it also includes the DLC expansion Left Behind).

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn may strike you as a typical open-world game at first, but the great combat mechanics, unique settings, excellent story, and, of course, robot dinosaurs set it apart from the rest. As you explore, you’ll discover more about the world and unlock new abilities to use in combat or exploration. This game encourages experimentation with its combat as well, so there’s plenty to return to. When you buy Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, the DLC expansion Frozen Wilds will already be included which expands on the story even more.

There’s also a sequel coming out for the PlayStation 5 called Horizon Forbidden Westwhich is sure to improve on the core formula even further.

God of War

The God of War franchise has always delivered on bombastic, high-thrills action-adventure games, but Studio Monica decided to slow things down with the latest entry. With a focus on Norse mythology as opposed to the previous games’ focus on Greek mythology, you must traverse and survive the dangerous Norse realm as Kratos while protecting and mentoring his son Astreus. God of War manages to tell an impactful story about fatherhood with cinematic thrills and extended combat sequences throughout.

This new formula definitely worked. Not only did God of War win “Game of the Year” from multiple publications back in 2018, but it’s also receiving a sequel on the PlayStation 5 in God of War: Ragnarok releasing in 2021. God of War will be included in the PlayStation Plus Collection.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

There’s been plenty of Spider-Man games in the past, but none of them have the superb balance and quality that 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man does. Combat is quick and snappy, movement flows naturally as you swing from building to building, and the story told is one of the best the web-slinger has ever been in.

The New York City built for this game is unrivaled by any other, not only featuring great graphics but a complex and detailed design as well. And the visuals are only going to look better in the remastered edition of Spider-Man that’s releasing for the PlayStation 5 on launch day. It will also feature all three DLC packs from The City That Never Sleeps, improved visuals and framerate, and faster loading times. The biggest bummer? You cannot upgrade the PlayStation 4 version of Marvel’s Spider-Man to the Remastered edition—you must buy that separately.

There’s also a sequel in the works launching on November 12th alongside the PlayStation 5 centered around Miles Morales called Marvel’s Spider-Man: Mile Morales.

Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog’s second entry on the list, the Uncharted series has always been renowned for its cinematic feel when it comes to storytelling and gameplay, and that’s no different with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Meant to be a conclusion to Nathan Drake’s story, this game pulls out all the stops when it comes to storytelling and memorable setpieces. If you haven’t touched the series yet, you can play all the games on PlayStation 4 through Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and then finish it up with the fourth entry.

Uncharted 4 will be available in the PlayStation Plus Collection.

inFAMOUS Second Son

inFAMOUS puts you in the shoes of a superpowered individual in a world where superhumans are hunted down. You’ll put these powers to good use, traversing the world in fun and unique ways while also engaging with the great combat system. As the game goes on, you continue to push these powers to the limit, which only makes the game that much more enjoyable.

There’s also a DLC expansion for Second Son called First Lightwhich follows the story of a different superhuman in a new environment. inFAMOUS Second Son will be included in the PlayStation Plus Collection.

Ghosts of Tsushima


This is the most recent on this list and the last real PlayStation 4 exclusive. You explore ancient Japan as you take on enemies with methodical but stylish combat. You play as a samurai named Jin Sakai and must defend the island of Tsushima during the 1st Mongol Invasion of Japan.

It’s a unique setting that brings with it unique gameplay and plenty of beautiful vistas to uncover. There are literal hordes of enemies around the land and plenty of side objectives to complete as well, so you can spend a good amount of time in this one.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The original Final Fantasy VII is one of the most critically acclaimed and revolutionary games of all time, and the remake of it has been teased for a long time. But it’s finally here, and it’s quite a bit different from the original title. The story follows the same beats but has new elements introduced or major plot points altered, the gameplay has flipped from a standard turn-based RPG to an Action RPG, and the world and environments all look amazing with modern graphics.

It’s important to know that this is only a part of the remake, as it only covers the first section of the original game over the span of 30 hours. We don’t know when the next part will be released, but regardless of whether you’ve played the original or not, this is going to be a great experience from both a storytelling and gameplay perspective.

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