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Deal Alert: Get Two OnePlus 8T Phones and OnePlus Buds for $1,123

Two OnePlus 8T smartphones stacked on a white surface.
Jack Skeens/Shutterstock

If you love OnePlus phones, you’ll want to pay attention to this deal. The company is offering a buy one get one 50% off deal for its OnePlus 8T handset. You’ll also get two sets of OnePlus Buds thrown in at no additional cost. Your total will be $1,123, with a grand savings of $532. The deal is available today only.

The OnePlus 8T is the company’s latest “budget friendly” phone with ridiculously fast charging, a smooth 120 Hz screen, and solid performance with 12 GB of RAM. The phone comes with 256 GB of storage standard, and you can pick between two colors: Lunar Silver, or Aquamarine Green.

The OnePlus Buds sport an open design, which means they sit right outside your ear versus in them with most in-ear earbuds. The Buds come in two colors: White or Gray, and offer up to 7 hours of juice, with an additional 23 hours of battery with the case.

It’s worth noting that OnePlus did just announce a new set of earbuds, the Buds Z, which are a cheaper alternative to the Buds. You’ll get 5 hours of juice here with an additional 15 hours with the charging case.

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