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Star Wars Builds a New ‘Holiday Special’ out of LEGO, Sticks it on Disney+

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special image

Forty-two years ago, following the unbelievable success of the original Star Wars, CBS aired the Star Wars Holiday Special on television. However bad you think the prequels are, whatever your opinion on Disney’s sequel films, nothing made for Star Wars before or since has such a complete stinker. To this day it’s never been released on home video.

But that was a long time ago, on an entertainment distribution system far, far away, and Disney thinks it’s time for a new take. What better way to help Star Wars shake off its franchise blues than by teaming up with LEGO, whose brand appeal seems to be in perpetual hyperdrive? Hence, the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, hitting the Disney+ streaming platform on November 17th.

Thankfully, this new cartoon is not just a LEGO-fied version of the original, in which a family of screaming Wookies hang out in their treehouse watching barely-coherent cooking shows and VR porn. (Yes, that really happened in 1978!) The LEGO Holiday Special is more like a fun bit of fan fiction, in which characters from all three eras of Star Wars movies get thrown together with some Avengers: Endgame-style time travel shenanigans.

This being a LEGO cartoon, you can expect the source material is lampooned with gentle dignity. Young fans can spot their favorite new heroes like Rey and Finn, and old fogeys can make an egg nog and/or blue milk drinking game out of spotting the Easter eggs. And because Disney needs to lean into Star Wars‘ only recent inarguable hit, Baby Yoda makes at least one appearance.

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