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‘Pac-Man’ Arrives On Your TV With AtGames’ New Micro Console

A box featuring 'Pac-Man' and other Bandai games.

Retro games for your TV are all the rage, and AtGames made its name in that realm. The company specializes in “micro consoles” that plug into your tv and play a host of games. Now, one of the AtGame’s earlier takes on the concept is back. The $30 Bandai Namco Arcade Blast! Console sports Pac-Man and nine other Bandai games.

Bandai Namco Arcade Blast! debuted last year but had to be taken off the market due to litigation between AtGames and Bandai. Nearly a year later, the two companies have resolved the dispute, and AtGames is free to sell the “micro console” again.

As the “micro” suggests, AtGames’ Blast offerings are very small. At first glance, you could confuse them for a colorful Roku stick. They’re about the size of an oversize flash drive and plug into your TV’s HDMI port.

Blast consoles also come with a wireless controller so you can play the games.

The Bandai Namco Arcade Blast! console comes with PAC-MAN, DIG DUG, GALAGA, GALAXIAN, MAPPY, NEW RALLY-X, PAC-MANIA, SKY KID, THE TOWER OF DRUAGA, and XEVIOUS for just $30. And if you own an AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade, it will plug into that unit and use the arcade’s controls. You can buy the console through the AtGames site, followed soon by other retailers. You’ll find other entries in the Blast! series at the AtGames site.


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