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Quantify Your YouTube Premium Addiction With the Android App’s Stats Page

Justin Duino / Review Geek

YouTube Premium comes with plenty of benefits, and while we’re not fans of YouTube Music,” you can still find lots to like (especially ad-free YouTube videos). If you don’t believe it, the company is adding a new feature that lays out how much you’ve benefited from the service, and other useful features you may not be using. Specifically, it shows the number of ad-free videos and music you’ve enjoyed.

It also shows off a few more nifty stats such as how many videos you’ve downloaded and the time you’ve spent listening to videos in the background. To find this information, fire up the YouTube app on your Android phone, tap your avatar, and then “Your Premium Benefits.”

At the bottom of the page, you’ll get a few offers, recommendations, and a FAQ that answers a few questions in regards to the benefits you get with YouTube Premium.

The feature seems to still be rolling out as it hasn’t shown up on my personal Android device yet. Presumably, this feature is also coming to iOS users and will be available on the web at a later date. YouTube Premium is available starting at $12 a month for the individual plan.

via Android Police

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