Walmart and Cruise to Test Deliveries With Self-Driving Cars In Arizona

Walmart is teaming up with Cruise, a GM-owned autonomous vehicle company, to deliver groceries in self-driving cars. Customers in Scottsdale, Arizona may have their groceries delivered in Cruise-branded autonomous Chevy Bolts early next year, although Walmart hasn’t clarified how its autonomous delivery system will work.

One thing we do know is that Cruise delivery cars will have a safety operator behind the wheel at all times. The cars may be autonomous, but they still have to comply with the law. That said, Cruise is known for experimenting with self-driving cars in San Francisco, and the company’s experience should translate well to the straightforward suburbs of Scottsdale.

On its corporate blog, Walmart claims that its partnership with Cruise supports a commitment “to zero emissions by 2040.” The retailer plans to replace over 10,000 vehicles, including semi-trucks and passenger vehicles, with electric cars in the next two decades. And while Walmart may continue to rely on partners like Cruise for delivery, the company could buy its own fleet of autonomous zero-emission vehicles for grocery delivery in the future.

If you live in the Scottsdale area, keep an eye out for Cruise-branded cars! They may deliver groceries right to your door.

Source: Walmart via TechCrunch

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