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Pregnancy Tracking Is Coming to Garmin Watches

A woman holder her pregnant belly while wearing, uh, a romper? Jumper? I'm not sure what it is. A Garmin watch and the Connect app are off to the side showing the new pregnancy tracking features

Garmin smartwatches and fitness trackers help users keep up with a ton of metrics outside of simple workouts, providing alerts regarding your level of stress, fitness, energy, rest, and fatigue. However, more recently, the company integrated menstrual cycle tracking, which has now expanded into pregnancy tracking.

The feature will allow wearers to keep up with their baby’s progress week by week, including its size, development, and nutritional needs. This aid isn’t designed to serve as a replacement for a doctor, of course—it’s just an additional resource provided due to popular demand.

Gamin’s watches have typically placed an emphasis on health and fitness, but the new pregnancy tracking feature will allow for more customization. For example, users will be able to pause training status updates and adjust heart rate alerts, which can fluctuate more drastically than normal during pregnancy.

Using the Gamin Connect app, users will be able to set reminders for themselves to drink more water and can log information such as baby movements, blood glucose levels, and more. These notes can be easily shared with a doctor during regular checkups. The app also includes a contraction timer for when the time arrives.

Since the feature is part of the menstrual tracking, it will be available on any watch that supports these features, which include Garmin Venu, vivoactive, Forerunner, and Fenix watches. Vivomove users will also be able to track their pregnancies using the Women’s Health Tracking widget.

Source: Garmin

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