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Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro Brings Super-Customizable Controls to the Xbox Series X

Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro

Controller design has more or less settled in the last 15 years into the comfortable twin-stick layout with which we’re all familiar. But gamers who want to tweak it can do so, if they’re willing to pay a premium. Take, for example, the eSwap X Pro from Thrustmaster, now available for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

The signature feature is the ability to swap the position of the analog sticks and D-pad, to let you choose between Xbox and PlayStation-style layouts (the latter has the two sticks right next to each other). These components, in addition to the grips on the rear triggers and the side, can be swapped out with compatible components for a better feel or cosmetics.

Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro different configurations

The controller has most of the other features you’d expect from the current generation of ultra-premium designs: four rear buttons, trigger locks, replaceable analog stick pads, and full custom controls that can be remapped on the fly. One thing that might make the eSwap X Pro more appealing than Xbox Elite controller is the ability to store and recall two different profiles with buttons on the edge—all the better for sharing that super-expensive controller among more than one player.

And, it is expensive. Despite being a wired model, the eSwap X Pro will set you back $159.99. Additional modular components don’t come cheap, either: You’ll pay twenty bucks for a new stick or D-pad; or fifty for a full set of two sticks, two stick pads, a D-pad, and side and rear trigger grips.

Source: Thrustmaster via Engadget

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