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Spotify’s New ‘Your Episodes’ Feature Makes It Easier to Manage Podcasts

image of Spotify “Your Episodes” playlist

Spotify is upping its podcast game by letting users easily bookmark and organize individual episodes to listen to later. The new feature creates a playlist called “Your Episodes” and is pinned to the top of Your Library, in the Music Playlist and Podcast Episodes tab.

It could be especially useful for interview-style shows where you probably don’t want to listen to every single episode. Or users could use this feature to bookmark a favorite episode from a show they’re currently listening to and want to hear again in the future.

To add an episode, simply tap the “+” button in the episode card to add it to the playlist. Spotify says that you’ll be limited to 10,000 episodes in this playlist, and anything added will remain there until you either listen to the episode or you manually remove it.

This new feature simplifies the podcast experience if you use Spotify. Rather than manually creating a playlist, this allows the user to add podcasts to something that’s built-in and is always there.

Spotify is one of the newer players in the podcast streaming world, joining the game less than 2 years ago. Within that timeframe, the company has added useful features such as a combo music and podcast playlist called “Your Daily Drive” that is geared towards commuters, an editorially curated playlist that helps you discover new podcasts, and a charts feature to show what is currently trending.

via Tech Crunch

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