JBL’s Smart Display With Google Assistant Drops September 3rd For $250

JBL’s Google-powered smart display will land on store shelves on September 3rd. Like the more expensive version of Lenovo’s display, it will set you back $250.

We’ve known for a while that JBL was going to release competing Google Assistant smart displays shortly after Lenovo released its own. What we didn’t know was exactly when or how much it would cost. Now, we do. Like the 10″ model of the Lenovo Smart Display, JBL’s unit will cost $250. However, JBL’s only gives you an 8″ screen. Lenovo also sells an 8″ model for $200, so if screen size is important to you, JBL might not be the way to go.

However, JBL might have better audio quality. The company already specializes in connected speakers, so getting better sound would certainly be expected. When we reviewed Lenovo’s smart display, we noted that its audio quality was comparable to the Google Home speaker, but not much better. There’s room for JBL to improve on this front.

If you want to get JBL’s smart display (or just want to wait to see how it compares to Lenovo’s), it arrives September 3rd, but you can pre-order it now at the link below.

Source: JBL via The Next Web

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