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Olive Pro Earbuds Merge Hearing Aids with True Wireless Earbuds

A set of hearing aids that look like True Wireless earbuds.

Hearing aids often cost thousands of dollars, require visits to audiologists, and come with a stigma attached. Olive Pro earbuds want to solve all those problems. For $300 ($150 if you back the campaign now), you get a set of hearing aids that look like true wireless earbuds and come with advanced AI to cut out background noise.

A quick note about Crowdfunding Projects:

Crowdfunding projects always come with the potential that you may not get the exact product you ordered or any product at all. This team does have a known history and existing products on the market, but that doesn’t guarantee it will deliver the Olive Pro. Back at your own risk.

We’ve seen hearables before that promised to enhance your hearing if it’s starting to fail, like Nuheara’s IQBuds Boost. Nuheara delivers impressive results that could potentially be life changing, But they aren’t hearing aids, and the company distinctly says so.

A person wearing an earbud in their ear.

Olive, on the other hand, does market the Olive Pro as actual hearing aids, and the earbuds gained a class II medical certification from the FDA. But unlike most hearing aids, you don’t need to visit a specialist to buy them, saving a great deal of money.

Olive Pro promises artificial intelligence features to ” isolate unwanted noises and enhance music, conversations, TV, and more.” You’ll create a hearing profile in the company’s app, a similar process used by other hearables.

The earbuds have a set of onboard mics that help it listen to and isolate background noises from voices. The company promises you’ll get seven hours of listening on a single charge and a total of 20 hours from the included charging case. Olive Pro uses Bluetooth 5.0, is iPX4 water-resistant, supports fast charging and wireless charging, and will integrate with voice assistance.

You can preorder Olive Pro through the company’s Indiegogo campaign today for $150, and Olive says it will ship in Q1 2021. After the campaign, the price will rise to $300.

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