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LEGO Super Mario Will Level Up in 2021, with New Sets, Enemies, and Costumes

LEGO Super Mario penguin costume

LEGO’s Super Mario sets, based on the video games and featuring quite a lot of electronic integration, have become a surprise hit. The way the modular Mario figure talks and changes his behavior based on his costume is addictive. LEGO is keeping the money train going into 2021, revealing a ton of new content in a teaser trailer today.

The biggest addition that we know of for next year is the “Master Your Adventure Maker” set. This offers the biggest change to the core level-building formula: a “customization machine” that allows players to change how Mario reacts to three different Special Bricks. The Start Pipe can also shuffle the win conditions for the stage, challenging the player to complete it in less time with more rewards.

Other additions to the Super Mario line will include ten new enemies in Character Packs, most of which are variations on existing creatures, like the Parachute Goomba, Poison Mushroom, or Thwip. New costumes, each with their own “powers,” include the classic Tanooki Mario and Penguin Mario.

Naturally, all the new sets will be cross-compatible with the sets released this year, offering more and larger means to create massive LEGO Mario levels to complete. The first batch is releasing on January 1st, and you can probably expect at least one more drop in 2021.

Source: TheBrickFan

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