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Wyze Will Water Your Lawn With a New Smart Sprinkler Controller

A Wyze Sprinkler controller.

If there’s any doubt that Wyze wants to rule your smart home, both inside and out, then you can put those doubts to bed. The company is expanding, again, into a new segment of the smart home. This time Wyze will focus on your yard, thanks to its upcoming Smart Sprinkler Controller. And at $50, it seriously undercuts the competition.

The Wyze Sprinkler is an eight zone smart sprinkler system that works with existing irrigation systems. If you subscribe to the optional Sprinkler Plus service for $10 a year, you’ll get advanced features like insights into past, current, and forecasted future soil moisture levels. Subscribers can also enable Smart Schedules and Skips that use weather reports to determine when to water and when to wait.

A Wyze app with sprinkler controls.

“Innovations in smart technology for lawn care are few and far between – and those that do exist
are increasingly expensive” says Mike Sobaski, Wyze Sprinkler’s Product Manager. “Customers
new to the idea of smart sprinkler systems will fall in love with the ability to manually turn their
system off from the Wyze app without running to the garage. Better yet, if they’d prefer to
automate their system completely and have us do the thinking for them, we offer Sprinkler Plus,
a comprehensive and low-price service that syncs with hyper-local weather forecasts making
sure you never water your lawn in the rain again.”

A Wyze Sprinker controller attached to a wall.

If you pre-order the sprinkler for $50, you’ll get the first year of Sprinkler Plus for free. Even if you don’t subscribe, you’ll still get access to some smart features like app controls, fixed schedules, and more. You’ll need an irrigation system and strong enough Wi-F- to reach the controller, of course. But if you have existing sensors from another system, like Rainbird’s or Rachio’s, they should work with Wyze.

You can pre-order the Wyze Sprinkler controller today, and it will start shipping in January 2021.

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