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You Can Now Get Prescription Medicine Delivered via Amazon Prime in Two Days


If you thought, “Amazon couldn’t get any bigger,” you’re in for a surprise. The company is beginning to sell prescription medications on its site, offering two-day delivery to Prime members at no extra cost. And even if you don’t have great prescription drug coverage, you may be looking at savings up to 80 percent on generic brands. Amazon says it accepts “most” insurance plans.

The timing couldn’t be any more perfect. A lot of us are spending most of our time at home, and now more than ever, online shopping has become a quintessential part of our daily lives. Being able to open an app on your phone, look for the exact prescriptions you need, compare prices with or without insurance, and have it shipped to you in under 48 hours without ever leaving your couch is wild.

The transition into pharmaceuticals has been a long time coming for Amazon, which purchased the online pharmacy company PillPack back in 2018. Currently, both companies are still being operated separately. An Amazon spokesperson (via Vox) says that customers who have chronic illnesses and take multiple prescriptions per day “should still order directly through PillPack.”

But for now, Amazon wants to focus on the mainstream, for those who need things such as anxiety medication or blood pressure pills. If you’d like to use the online retailer for your prescriptions, simply tell your doctor to send them to Amazon Pharmacy, as if it’s any other physical location.

And if you’re a Prime member looking to purchase medication without insurance, Amazon uses Inside Rx to offer those discounts. The company has also built over 50,000 relationships with retailers such as CVS, Costco, Walgreens, and Walmart, allowing Prime members to pick up their medications in more pressing situations where you can’t wait for two-day delivery.

Regardless of your thoughts on Amazon, it has become super helpful in a time where we’re all stuck at home. Prescription meds are just another thing you don’t have to leave your house for.

Source: Amazon via Vox

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