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NordPass Shared Its List of the 200 Worst Passwords of 2020 and Yikes

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Password security is not a new concept, yet it appears many people still aren’t taking it seriously. NordPass just released The 200 Most Common Passwords of the Year list for 2020, and guess what? Underwhelming options like “123456” and “123456789” are still at the top of the list. And just in case it’s not clear—those aren’t good passwords.

NordPass’ list shows how many times each of the password was exposed and used, along with how long it would take hackers or an algorithm to crack it. It also compares the popularity of each of the worst passwords compared with where it previously ranked last year in 2019. You can view the full list on NordPass’ site.

NordVPN's Top most common passwords of 2020

It’s fun to laugh at the passwords in the list, but the security risks are real. Understandably, many people tend to choose easy passwords they can remember so it’s no wonder options like names, simple numbers and words, qwerty, and sports are the most popular. However, you won’t have to worry about remembering passwords (and thus, continually choosing easy hackable passwords) if you get a password manager.

A dedicated password manager can keep all of your passwords safe, and autofill them when you need them so you never have to remember any of them. Many can also help you create secure new passwords to replace any you have that are problematic. Password managers usually only cost a few bucks per month and are absolutely worth the cost.

Source: NordPass

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