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Google Fit’s Latest Update Removed Weight Training Rep Tracking from Wear OS

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Just a couple of weeks ago, Google Fit unveiled an update that made it easier to view your wellness data on your Wear OS devices. But along with those improvements came an unwelcome surprise. Google Fit removed its advanced weight training workout features.

As first spotted by Android Police, Google’s official blog post on the latest update didn’t mention the change, and it’s left users unhappy. The former features tracked reps for you as you lifted weights, and it did an admirable job at the task.

Additionally, it could help time in-between rest periods, an important facet of proper weight training. But that’s gone now too. Now all Wear OS can do is track heart rate and time the overall workout length. A far cry from the former useful features.

It’s not clear why Google chose to remove the well-received features, but if the company does clarify or promise to bring them back we’ll let you know. For now, as Android Police notes, the only way to get weight training rep tracking back is to downgrade your version of Google Fit and turn off automatic updates.

via Android Police

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