Nerf Aims for Your Wallet With Its Full-Scale ‘Mandalorian’ Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster Rifle

A banner for the Nerf 'Mandalorian' Amban rifle.

Of all the weird and wild weapons wielded by The Mandalorian, the Amban Phase-pulse Blaster might be the most memorable. So why not buy one for yourself? Nerf is selling a full-sized replica of the famous rifle, giving you a chance to cut through pesky Jawas like your favorite masked bounty hunter.

The $120 toy might be the longest Nerf gun of all time, clocking in at 50.25 inches (or 4.18 feet). It’s meticulously detailed, with “accurate” blaster sounds, an illuminated lens, and a pop-up breach to prime the blaster with Nerf Elite darts.

A close look at the Nerf Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster's pop-up breach.
A close look at the Nerf Amban Phase-pulse Blaster’s pop-up breach. Hasbro

Like other Nerf Star Wars blasters (the Rogue One Death Trooper, the Mandalorian Rocket Gauntlet, etc) the new Amban Phase-pulse Blaster may not be the best for outdoor Nerf deathmatches. It only holds two darts at a time and takes a minute to reload. Still, it’s an incredible collectible that any Star Wars fan will love to play with.

Nerf’s Mandalorian blaster comes with 10 Nerf Elite foam darts and requires two AAA batteries (not included). It’s available for preorder December 7th at 1PM PT / 4PM ET. Unfortunately, it doesn’t ship until Spring 2021, so don’t expect to get it in time for Christmas.

Nerf Amban Phase-pulse Blaster

The Mandalorian’s dart-firing blaster is here, with integrated sound effects, an illuminated lens, and accurate sizing.

Source: Hasbro

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