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Google and Samsung Are Teaming Up To Simplify Your Smart Home Setup

A man looking at a Nest camera stream on a smart refrigerator.

The problem with owning smart home devices from multiple companies is all the apps you have to manage. Soon you’ll find yourself struggling to remember which app controls which device. Google and Samsung want to help and announced a new integration that will let you control Nest products from the SmartThings app. Or watch your Nest camera feed on your smart fridge.

Prior to the upcoming integration, if you owned both SmartThings and Nest devices, you had to jump back and forth between SmartThings and Google Home to control them. While voice commands helped, setting up scenes or viewing camera streams was still difficult.

Now Google says can soon control your Nest devices in the SmartThings apps, allowing you to hope back and forth less. That includes Nest cameras, thermostats, and doorbells. And if you own SmartThings appliances, like a smart refrigerator or TVs, you can soon view your Nest Camera feeds through the SmartThings appliance. That can be handy if you don’t have a Nest Display in your living room, but you do have a Samsung SmartThings TV.

The companies also promise that more Samsung SmartThings devices will come with Google Assistant built-in, which will be a nice change from Bixby. If you have a SmartThings oven, you can call out, “Hey Google, preheat the oven to 350 degrees,” and the oven will do the rest.

Google and Samsung are taking integration a step further, too. The SmartThings app will get an update to allow it to set up Google Assistant devices. With more work like this, you may not need to open the Google app anymore if you’re in the SmartThings ecosystem.

Google didn’t give an arrival date for the new features, but it promises you should see the updates “soon.”

Source: Google

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