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This Nordic Office in a Box Brings a Whole New Meaning to ‘Remote Work’

Ööd Office Room set up in a forest

Ever wanted to escape the office and spend a day working in a park instead? Or better yet, what if you could bring your office to the park? Well, you’ll soon be able to. Estonia-based Ööd has created a backyard office room that’ll let you get the peace and quiet you need for work…if you have $20,000.

The “office in a box” concept will soon be available for purchase on Amazon (starting at $19,900), and is just big enough to comfortably allow two people to set up camp. The smaller 97-square foot fits two work areas, or you can opt for the slightly larger model, which has a bathroom and small kitchen.

It only takes a few hours to install, and you can even opt for a furnished option. In addition to covering for the steep price tag, however, you’ll also need to pay for a few additional costs:

List of what costs will be covered by Ööd and which ones the customer is responsible for

Ööd’s concept was birthed in 2016 by two brothers, Jaak and Andreas Tiik. The company also makes other tiny home-esque iterations, like a yoga room, a studio, a play room, and a winter garden. The style of the construction is a nod to Nordic minimalism, making each option an obvious choice for escaping the worries and woes of the world. The mirrored windows give you privacy while you’re in the office room and allow the box to reflect and better blend in with its surroundings.

Ööd has seen so much demand for its products in recent months—thanks to an increasing interest in tiny homes and, of course, the coronavirus—the company is now planning to open a branch in the States in 2021.

via Business Insider

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