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Game Awards Festival Offers Limited Demos of Upcoming Games on PC and Xbox

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The Video Game Awards really isn’t about video game awards anymore (especially since Hades got robbed). Nope, it’s basically a secondary E3 at this point, a vector for new game announcements and little else. To that effect, check out the Game Awards Festival: a collection of demos available for a limited time after the show itself.

These demos are available from now until December 14th, most of them on Steam and streaming on GeForce NOW, but a few are also on Xbox.

  • ANNO: Mutationem, Steam: a cyberpunk (no, not that Cyberpunk) side-scrolling action game, with an intriguing mix of 2D and 3D pixelated graphics.
  • Ami, Steam, GeForce NOW: An atmospheric 2D platforming game with Red Riding Hood imagery and physics puzzles.
  • Disc Room, Steam, GeForce NOW: a top-down 2D twitchy game about avoiding spinning blades of death. This one’s already been released.
  • Echo Generation, Steam, Xbox: A turn-based RPG with 3D graphics and a lot of 80s movie inspiration. It seems like a modern take on Earthbound.
  • Guinea Pig Parkour, Steam, GeForce NOW: a platformer with gorgeous hand-drawn animation, inspired by the radical pastels of the 80s and the cute console mascot games of the 90s.
  • Graven, Steam, GeForce NOW: A hectic fantasy-based shooter that harkens back to Heretic. It’s made by 3D Realms, the Duke Nukem people.
  • A Juggler’s Tale, Steam, GeForce NOW: A 2D platformer where your character and the enemies are controlled by puppet strings, with some interesting attachments.
  • Little Nightmares II, Steam: a slick-looking side-scrolling platformer with horror elements. If you like LIMBO, you should check it out.
  • Olija, Steam, GeForce NOW: In this Metroidvania game, exploration and combat mix with pixel art inspired by Asian history and art styles. It comes from Devolver Digital, a publisher that never saw a violent pixelated game it didn’t like.
  • Selfloss, Steam, GeForce NOW: a 3D adventure game with Zelda-style exploration and combat, featuring a world inspired by Slavic mythology.
  • Song Of Iron, Steam, GeForce NOW, Xbox: A 2D Viking combat game with gorgeous 3D graphics. You got your Golden Axe in my Dark Souls!

With the exception of Disc Room, all of these games are scheduled for release in 2021. Play those demos quickly: while some of them might stick around after the Game Awards promotion, but they might not.

Source: Steam

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