Create Pixel-Perfect Masterpieces in ‘Bitmoji Paint,’ Snapchat’s New MMO

An illustration of 'Bitmoji Paint' in action.
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It looks like all those hours in MS Paint are gonna pay off. Announced through the Snap Newsroom, Bitmoji Paint allows friends and strangers to build an enormous pixel art collage. Bitmoji Paint is now when you press the rocket icon in Snapchat chats.

Firing up Bitmoji Paint sends your avatar into space, where you can select from a few “floating islands,” which are different servers containing hundreds of players. You can move around the island, paint some pixels, or zoom out to see the island in all its messy glory. Paintings are never deleted, so you can take your time working on a masterpiece.

Snap Inc

You can interact with strangers in Bitmoji Paint using stock emotes or turn on voice chat to communicate with friends. And while you can’t see strangers’ Snap IDs or communicate with them using voice chat, you can report them for painting unsavory or offensive pixel art.

Bitmoji Paint is rolling out now and should be available to all Snapchat users by the end of the week. If you can’t access Bitmoji Paint yet, try playing Bitmoji Party, a game released by Snap last year.

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