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Wyze’s Latest $10 Smart Plug Goes Outdoors to Power Your Christmas Lights

An outdoor plug powering Christmas Lights in a bush.

After an onslaught of announcements, including a home monitoring system, a smartwatch, a smart sprinkler, and a robot vacuum, Wyze is back with one more new product. This time, it’s firmly back in smart home territory with an incredibly affordable $10 outdoor smart plug. Pre-orders for Wyze Plug Outdoor open up today.

You get an incredibly competent outdoor smart plug for your $9.99 pre-order ($10.99 after the pre-order). The Wyze Plug Outdoor includes two outlets that you can control individually. It’s a 15 amp rated plug and boasts energy monitoring.

A closeup of the Wyze Plug Outdoor, showing two outlets.

The Wyze Plug Outdoor connects over Wi-Fi, and the company promises you’ll get a good connection up to 300 feet away in an open space. Naturally, you get automations as well through the Wyze app, and you’ll get Google Assitant and Alexa integrations.

Automations options include a vacation mode, scheduling, custom triggers, and a dust-to-dawn sensor that reacts to ambient light. Vacation mode randomly turns the plugs on and off to give the appearance that people are home.

The Wyze Plug Outdoor needs to stand up to the weather, obviously, and it should, thanks to its IP64 rating. That’s protection to resist water and fine dust particles. Most outdoor plugs focus solely on water resistance.

Speaking of other outdoor plugs, most will set you back $30 to $40, and many don’t allow individual control of outlets. Fewer still offer energy monitoring. That makes the Wyze Plug Outdoor one of the most affordable and capable smart outdoor plugs on the market.
The only downside we can see? It won’t hit general sale until 2021, and even if you pre-order today, you probably won’t get it in time to fully automate Christmas. But it’s never too early to plan for next Christmas.

You can pre-order the Wyze Plug Outdoor today at the company’s site.

An affordable outdoor smart plug

Wyze Plug Outdoor

If you want an smart outdoor plug, it’s hard to say no to the Wyze Plug Outdoor. At just $11, it’s cheaper than the rest and yet just as capable.

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