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Watch as an iPhone 6s Falls From an Airplane, Records Its Descent, and Survives

A photo of the iPhone 6s that fell from a plane and survived.
G1/Ernesto Galiotto

As a tall person, I know just how scary it is to drop a phone from five or six feet in the air. But can you imagine dropping a phone from 200 times that height? Documentary filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto’s iPhone 6s survived a 984-foot drop from a plane, and more surprisingly, it recorded its descent for everyone to enjoy.

First reported by Brazilian publication G1 and picked up by 9to5Mac, Galiotto stuck his iPhone 6s out of an airplane window to capture aerial footage of a beach in Rio de Janeiro. He accidentally dropped the phone because … well, it’s windy up there.


But filmmaker Galiotto believed that he could rescue the device. When he checked the Find My Phone app, he discovered that the iPhone 6s was still on and sitting in the middle of a Cabo Frio beach. It suffered a minor scratch, but it survived the fall and still works thanks to a silicone case and screen protector (the sandy crash site probably helped too).

You can watch the iPhone 6s fall nearly 1000 feet in the above video, which also includes cockpit footage from the moment that Galiotto dropped his phone. Surprisingly, this is not the first time that a phone (or camera) has fallen from a plane and lived to tell the tale.

Source: G1 via 9to5Mac

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