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Multiplayer Hit ‘Among Us’ is Now Available on Nintendo Switch for Five Bucks

Nintendo Switch Lite playing Among Us
Nintendo, Innersloth

Among Us is a gaming phenomenon, rocketing from a niche mobile title in 2018 to 2020’s most talked-about casual game. Previously available only on iOS, Android, and Windows, the game expands to the Nintendo Switch today. You can find it in the eShop for $5, the same price as on Steam.

Among Us is a multiplayer game, placing you in the amorphous space suit of a crew on a derelict ship. Up to ten players work together to get the ship working by completing mini-games all around the map … but one of them is not what they seem. The Imposter is there to murder the other players (in adorably gory cartoon cutscenes), while the rest of the crew tries to figure out which of them is the monster.

Players vote on which one they think is killing the others … while the Imposter tries to get them to eject the wrong player into space. If the Imposter can stick around until only one player remains, they win. If the crew can figure out which one it is, they win.

Among Us has become an unbelievable success for a small indie game, inspiring millions of views on Twitch and a discourse that extends beyond the gaming community. Developer Innersloth is planning on expanding it continually, including a recently-announced fourth map.

Source: Nintendo Twitter

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